Our Vision

Grow Montessori School is a small school striving to make a big difference locally!  In 2013, we will begin enrolling 3 year-olds for our first Primary level class.  Ultimately, we wish to offer toddler and infant classes as well.  By offering comprehensive educational programs for children from infancy through age 5, we will best achieve our goal of preparing students for success in school and in life.  In our first three years of operation, we seek to expand our parent programs to include prenatal yoga, infant care courses, family counseling, and adult literacy classes.  To further empower families, we seek to provide one sponsorship per year to a staff member or parent who wishes to pursue Montessori teacher training through an institution accredited by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI).

In addition to strengthening our programs for children and families, Grow Montessori School will play an active role in addressing systemic challenges in Atlanta’s Historic Westside.  We are eager to join hands with local organizations to accomplish the following: decrease the rates of childhood obesity and asthma through health initiatives that promote nutrition and exercise; boost civic pride through efforts to clear our streets of trash and debris; increase environmental sustainability by greening our homes and businesses through efficient use of energy, water conservation, recycling, and composting; reduce crime through programs that teach young people about the dangers of drug abuse and gun possession.